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Triple Helix Research Group

H-STAR Institute, Stanford University

The Triple Helix Research Group (THRG) joined Stanford's H-STAR Institute in July 2010. THRG was established at Newcastle University Business School, UK in 2006 as an international centre of excellence in the analysis of University-Industry-Government innovation. THRG’s main research interests include:

  • Theoretical and empirical aspects of  university-industry-government (Triple Helix) interactions,
  • Development and management of Triple Helix Systems;
  • Academic entrepreneurship education, policy and practice;
  • Innovation in higher education: the role of MOOCs and other technology initiatives in transforming higher education institutions;
  • Regional and national innovation policies and strategies;
  • The European Research Area and the impact of EU integration on innovation performance, particularly in the New  Member States; 
  • The gender dimension in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The THRG is led by Dr. Marina Ranga and collaborates with a global network of university researchers and managers, students, technology transfer practitioners, business firms, national and regional policy-makers, innovation and higher education consultants, entrepreneurs, venture capital and angel investors.