"Zu viel Kultur kann die Innovation verhindern" - Die Presse Newspaper, Austria - 30 October 2015. Press coverage of Ranga and Garzik (2015) article "From Mozart to Schumpeter: A Triple Helix Systems approach to advancing regional innovation in the Salzburg region of Austria.

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Coverage of the Triple Helix IX Conference organized by the THRG at Stanford University, July 11-14, 2011:
- Triple Helix Conference Future Talk TV show - The studio guests are Keith Devlin, Director of Stanford's H-STAR Institute, also known as "The Math Guy" on National Public Radio, and Marina Ranga, co-organizer of the conference - July 29, 2011.

- The triple helix of innovation - CA Technologies - July 28, 2011.

- Time to Find Your Voice, International Institute of Event Management, July 18, 2011



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