Dr. Marina Ranga's photoDr. Marina Ranga

Senior Researcher, H-STAR Institute, Stanford University

Marina Ranga came to Stanford as 2009-2010 Faculty Research Fellow of the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, and joined the H-STAR Institute in 2010 as Senior Researcher. Prior to Stanford, she was Assistant Professor in Innovation Management at Newcastle University Business School, UK and at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands (2005-2009). She holds a PhD and an MSc in Science and Technology Policy from SPRU, Sussex University, and a BA/MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.  

In 2014 Dr. Ranga was a Visiting Professor at the University of Warsaw's School and Management and Guest Professor in the UNESCO international inter-university PhD program “Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness”, and in April 2015 she taught in the Austrian Global Academy of the Austrian Research Council.  She was also a Visiting Fellow at the University of Sussex, School of Business, Management and Economics, UK (2009-2011).

Dr. Ranga's research interests include innovation ecosystems (national and regional innovation systems, Triple Helix Systems); academic entrepreneurship and University role in developing entrepreneurial ecosystems, University-Industry cooperation and the Entrepreneurial University in various national settings (Europe, USA, Latin America, Japan); gender in innovation and high-tech entrepreneurship. 

In these areas, she developed a substantial research and consultancy portfolio, including over 30 projects which received approximately €1.4 million ($1.6 million) in grants from national and regional government agencies and international organizations (European Commission, UN, OECD, etc.). Her research results have been published in several book chapters, research reports and articles in Research Policy, Scientometrics, Science and Public Policy, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, Journal of Technology Management and Innovation, International Journal of Transition and Innovation Systems, European Planning Studies, Industry and Higher Education, etc. A co-authored book “Global insights into the commercialization of new technology through a gendered lens” (Palgrave MacMillan)  is currently in progress (with Wynarczyk). 

Dr. Ranga has an active editorial activity, having guest-edited three Special Issues for the International Journal of Transition and Innovation Systems (November 2014), European Planning Studies (September 2012) and Journal of Technology Management (June 2010, with Etzkowitz). A fourth Special Issue is currently in preparation for Industry and Higher Education, for fall 2016. She is an Editorial Board member of several peer-reviewed journals: Industry and Higher Education, International Journal of Transition and Innovation Systems, Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development.

Dr. Ranga is a member of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE) Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policy since 2007, and was involved in two national innovation performance reviews conducted for Belarus and Kazakhstan (2010-2011) and a joint UN-ECE/EU mission for preparing the National Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Moldova (2011). In 2009 she authored the Training Module “Creating a Supportive Environment for Innovative Development: Policy Options and Instruments for Enhancing the Innovative Performance of Firms” for UN-ECE. She is also a member of the Gender Advisory Board of the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development since its 1995 inception.

Since 2003 Dr. Ranga has been involved in a very large number of European Commission projects coordinated by DG Research and Innovation, DG Education and Culture, DG Enterprise and Industry and DG Regio (e.g. the development of a EU Research and Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy, ERAWATCH, METRIS Social Sciences & Humanities in EU27, ERALAW Analysis of RDI Regulation systems in EU27, State Aid for RDI in the EU, European Observatory of research universities and national public research funding agencies, the Regional Innovation Monitor, PRO INNO Policy TrendChart, evaluation of EU’s 2007-13 Cohesion Policy, etc.)

In 2014 she became a member of the European Commission’s DG Research Advisory Group on Horizon 2020 “Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation” that advises on program strategy and implementation. In the period April-October 2015, she led an international expert team performing the DG Research Pre-Peer Review of Hungary’s national research and innovation system, as part of the EU’s Policy Support Facility for EU Member States reforming their national research and innovation systems. Since 2013 she has served as expert evaluator for the European Commission's Marie Curie Fellowships and in 2014 was appointed as Vice-Chair of the EU's Marie Curie ECOSOC Evaluation Panel. Dr. Ranga is also a member of AUTM Scholar Interaction Comittee and member in the Scientific Board of the University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN).

She has also done significant innovation and entrepreneurship consulting work for national and regional governments (e.g. creation of Competence Research Centres in the High-Tech Valleys Programme of Lithuania, a methodological framework for examining S&T in Flanders/Belgium for the Flemish government, a review of international entrepreneurship policies and practice for Newcastle Science City and the Northeast England Development Agency One Northeast, an analysis of the economic impact of large-scale research facilities for the South East England Development Agency SEEDA, a study on enhancing university-business links for the regional government of Northern Netherlands, a study on gender bias in research funding for the German Research Foundation DFG). 

Dr. Ranga was the Chair of the Membership and Strategy Committee of the Triple Helix Association (THA) and served in several other THA committees until January 2014. In July 2011 she co-organized the Triple Helix 9 International Conference at Stanford University, and was the Chair of the Scientific Committee. This 4-day conference gathered over 250 participants from 37 countries, and was the first Triple Helix conference organized in Silicon Valley in the 17-year long history of the conference series. In November 2012 she co-organized the Stanford Triple Helix Workshop “Building the Entrepreneurial University” , which gathered over 30 participants from 18 countries to discuss different models of academic entrepreneurship in the US and Europe. In April 2010 she organized the workshop "Gender Perspectives on Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Policy and Practice", in collaboration between the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova and Luleå University of Technology.

Dr. Ranga is frequently invited to participate in conferences and other scientific events in the US, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East (Iran, Turkey, Qatar), as keynote speaker, chair, member of scientific and organization committees, panel chair/speaker or presenter, and delivered over 50 invited talks, keynote lectures and presentations.